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US Bankruptcy "Reform"

Dear US Orchidians,

If the economy has just about done you in, and you’ve had the idea
of filing for bankruptcy in the back of your mind, I suggest you talk
to your lawyer today. Just in case you aren’t aware, legislation
(authored, not surprisingly, by the credit card companies) which will
essentially do away with Chapter 7 (the “fresh start” version of
personal bankruptcy) looks like it’s about to pass in the Senate. Our
greatly beloved president has said that he will sign it immediately.
There is also a strong likelihood that it will contain a rider doing
away with the normal waiting period (180 days before signed
legislation becomes enforceable law). That means our right to Chapter
7 could end any day now.

If this comes as a severe shock to you, take a deep breath. Then
pick up the phone.

Lisa Orlando Aphrodite’s Ornaments (except she doesn’t feel like
dressing up today–maybe some Victorian jet mourning jewelry?) Elk, CA