URGENT! Net Neutrality Is Under Attack

Hello, Friends,

The FCC is preparing to gut what millions call the 1st amendment of the Internet by removing strong
net neutrality protections. I just signed Mozilla’s letter telling new FCC Chairman Ajit Paij to
leave net neutrality alone! I hope you will join me and show your support as well.


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well I signed but who is surprised

What is it? your link didn’t work for me

Me neither.


Here is an older article that offers one perspective about internet neutrality:

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Yes it would be nice to see what they are talking about doing before it is rammed down our throats.

The Federal Communications Commission is voting on Net Neutrality on December 14… If you have an opinion, you need to communicate it to your lawmakers before the FCC vote.

We cannot change the biggest problem, which is that broadband Internet Service Providers prefer not to compete with each other. Therefore, most US citizens have only one ISP providing broadband internet service. This means that without government regulation (like we had with landline telephones) your ISP can do anything, most likely based on enriching their company rather than based on what’s fair to their customers.

Government regulation is what we can potentially influence. President Obama enacted government regulation, and now the FCC is voting to remove that government regulation.

One reason for the non-competing monopoly is that the broadband ISP companies cannot get permission to merge if the two merging companies are competitors, thus these companies try not to compete. But as I said, this is something we cannot influence.

Having government regulation is what we can influence, but so far, it has not proven to be 100% effective, because some of these broadband ISP companies have been caught violating those rules, by tracking our internet usage and selling that information to marketers.

Those who are in favor of government regulation, have much to say about what might happen without it. The most simple explanation is that right now we all have equal access to the internet, but without regulation, there will be unequal access. Furthermore, the deepest pockets will have a lot of influence over the broadband ISP.

A minor example of this is when you are using a search engine, suddenly a different search engine will be presented to you because your ISP was paid to make that happen. That happened to me during government regulation. But perhaps something like that would happen constantly without government regulation. There’s really no way to know for sure what might happen.

The internet flourished without the government intervention from the time of Bill Clinton until Obama decided he decided to take it over throug regulatory action that was done without the permission of the people IE: congress or our elected officials. “Net Neutrality” is a benign term used to hide internet control and censorship.

Thank You for Explaining Betty and Rick. Much appreciated

More information about this trascendental issue: Network neutrality: the lies are exposed | by Enrique Dans | Enrique Dans | Medium

Here is the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s take on Net Neutrality.

It has been difficult to get accurate information in order to have an opinion because it has been overly politicized. A pure understanding of this topic requires reading what was written about it before President Obama initiated regulations.

As of December 14, it will be several years before we have another opportunity to influence our legislators about net neutrality.

Hear ye, hear ye,
this is a highly political topic for this forum, but as it touches the foundation of this forum and all users of the web with a physical access to it on U.S. soil it’s in order to address this issue here.
If you don’t raise your voice you are paving the way towards Soylent Green.
My 2c from a distance.

I signed

I hope “Soylent Green” isn’t our future; but if you can tolerate the vulgarity and the first hour of it, “Idiocracy” might be!