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[Upstate NY] Jewelry Attractions

I’ll be in western Massachusetts and eastern upstate NY for a month or
so. Can anyone suggest anything special I should

visit along the Hudson, around Albany, in western Mass, or SE Vermont?
Especially shops/shows featuring orchid members?

Dian Deevey

Dian, If you can talk your way into a tour of Ed Levin’s studio in
Cambridge, NY, consider yourself lucky. Ed has a wonderful facility
with a machine shop in the basement where various tools are made, to
design studios, workshops, etc. Cambridge, NY is east of Saratoga
Springs, very close to the Vermont border. I don’t have a phone number
but I’m sure that it is listed.

Joel Schwalb

If you should venture a little north of Albany, NY, to the beautiful
city of Saratoga Springs, you will find "deJonghe Original Jewelry"
located on Broadway. I am employed there as a bench jeweler and I am
sure that you would enjoy seeing the original designs that make up his
line. A sneak preview can be had at . My
name is Jim Malone and would be happy to show you around the workshop.
I believe we have corresponded before regarding PMC?
Jim Malone