Upside down cuff bracelets

Hi all. Once again, someone has asked me about making a cuff to be
worn upside down, with the gap at the top. This time I think I will
accept the challenge, since I’ve been meaning to figure this one out

My cuffs generally fit fairly snugly and often don’t have much flex.
I’m always showing customers how to put on a cuff properly, by
pushing one end of the bracelet into the soft spot in the center of
the underside of the wrist, to allow you to roll your wrist into the
bracelet. This makes it possible to put on a snug, stiff cuff with a
minimum of discomfort.

However, trying to then roll it around 180 degrees so the gap is on
top is much more difficult, since that soft spot is not available
for this maneuver. Ouch. I think I will need to allow for more flex
at the very least.

So, I’m wondering if anyone has any tips on the following (or
anything else):

  1. How to put on a bracelet like this

  2. Any configuration adjustments helpful in making this look and
    work as a bracelet designed from the getgo to be worn upside down of

Thanks again, Orhid! And I promise not to make a double snakehead



One simple non-technical tip for putting on any type of tight
bangle/bracelet/cuff is to wrap a length of thin silk (like a scarf)
around your hand and wrist. The jewelry will probably slip on and off
very easily that way. It always works for me.


Hi Alan,

Locking hinge?


Hello Allen, Whenever I make a ridgid cuff bracelet, I flare the
ends out just a bit. This way, the ends don’t dig in to the wrist.

Have fun.
Tom Arnold


Could you build it with some torsional flexibility (think of the
proper way to open/close jump rings) so that it could be slipped over
the wrist, rotating as it is put on, so that the gap is on top of the

Mike DeBurgh, GJG
Henderson, NV