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UPS problems

I just received a call from a friend. He had advertised a Rolex
watch over the internet and sold it for $3,500. to someone in
California (out-of-state). He thought he would be safe going UPS
Insured, COD, Cash… Wrong.

The delivery man was directed by the “addressed to” person to
another house down the street. There he was handed an official
looking “Cashier’s Check” for $3,500. and so he released the
package. The “check” was not even a good counterfeit; just
something stamped out on a home computer and for a bank that does
not exist.

UPS tells him that they only insure undamaged delivery, and that
they can “amend” the delivery address if they see fit. COD means
that they can accept anything that even poorly resembles cash.

He told a jeweler about this, who informed him of a similar
lesson to the tune of $42,000! It looks as though our industry
is targeted by these shams and cleared funds in advance of
shipment is the best precaution. Let the seller beware…but
also, let us not become cynical either. Best wishes to everyone
for the New Year! Jim Rex

Hi Folks, This is not only a UPS problem but a problem in
general. A good friend of mine had purchased an emerald cut GIA
cert. diamond of 2.25+ ct. to be put into an engagement ring.
Before he commissioned the ring, thank God, the engagement was
called off. He advertised the stone for sale in the newspaper
and got a buyer for it. The buyer sent a ‘cashiers check’ for
$12,000 by courier who was to pick up the stone. All went well
until he tried to cash the ‘check’. The bank said it was a
masterful counterfeit. The police are still looking for the con
man three years later. The best things to use are Texas Credit
Cards - Sweaty Hundred Dollar Bills, and bank-to-bank transfers.



Skip Meister
N.R.A. Endowment &
Certified Instructor
in all disciplines
Certified Illinois D.N.R.
Hunter Ed, Instructor

Hello Jim,

Seems to me that most of the stories I hear of internet
ripoffs and credit card fraud seem to involve vendors losing out.
There is an alternative to just hoping that I have found that
gives total security to both vendor and purchaser. Broking, you
can use either Independant Appraiser/Gemmologists or an internet
company such as

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