skip, i’m sorry! i just made it back from the second surgery,
been home a few days now and catching up…boy, you guys sure did
alot of talking while i was gone!

good news is my workshop in the August Lapidary Journal turned
out wonderfully, bad news is they still haven’t found the primary
site for my stupid carcinoid cancer thingie. i’m not amused! 2
biggie surgeries in 6 weeks is making me tired, but i did get to
Embellishment in Sac, surgery was the monday after it closed, and
it was fantastic.

I got to play with some of the new art wire, made an angel and a
small fine silver/art wire bag, the red wire being the chain and
the back, it made the silver front glow. i traded the samples
for more wire, so i’m having fun.

i missed you guys, and should be around more now. I even made
some changes to my website, i must be feeling better!

http://members.aol.com/patmcaudel/2index.html to start the sites off

Pam, I don’t know you, but sure wish you well. I’ve been there
with cancer–fortunately, localized–26 years ago. You just keep
up your strength and spirit, and fight, girl! My son’s a doctor
and firmly believes half the battle, or more, is mental, so keep
good thoughts and images going. Keep us posted, please?

Sharon Holt in hot (real hot!) New Mexico