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[Update] Tumbling with Ceramic pellets . . Done!

Just completed a by the hour review of a 5.5 hour silver
tumbling with ceramic pellets… used a ‘supplier
solution(local)’ at 3/8 inch over all materials.

The 2 hour had a very clean items.

The 3 hour had a very clean, ‘POLISHED(???)’ items.

The 4 hour had a very clean, ‘POLISHED(???)’ bright items with
very, light mold marks removed … hard mold marks still apparent
but reduced, and no scratches, pin head dots of sliver removed.

The 5.5 hour those items with required very polished surfaces…
that is, mirror finishes were starting to ‘’’’’ dimple’’’’’ such
that I had to ‘re-wheel’ (polish) the items…

Ceramic is great to the 4.5/5.0 period

Jim (De shot next!!!)