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Update - Tig versus laser welder



I posted back on Feb 17 asking about TIG versus laser welders. I
sincerely appreciated all the responses, glad we have such a great
place to get answers.

Thought I’d update you on what I purchased and why. I went to the
Stuller BenchJeweler Workshop and spent time with the Orion
sales/tech guy and a man named David (a jeweler) who I’d talked with
on the phone–both were a BIG help. I used both the 150i and 150s and
the 150s (I was told) will weld down to 30 gauge–which I don’t see
myself ever doing. It also won’t fire as fast as the 150i but again a

I got the welder last week and will begin using it next week. I know
I know why aren’t you using it now? Well the same answer most would
give, other things going on.



I am glad you are pleased and got the you required. If
there are any other questions or anything else we can do lease
contact Stuller Techor Orion