Upcoming Workshops

Hi I wanted to let you all know about some upcoming workshops (now
that the snow has finally melted!).

Back by popular demand- and expanded to 2 days! Creative Marketing
with Marlene Richey - 2 days (9-4) May 4-5 (Sun-Mon); Wolf Designs,
Portland, Maine Two hard working, fun filled days. Learn how to
promote, advertise and market your business. Expand your
possibilities with hands-on projects such as: write a press release,
organize a press kit, discuss your image (or lac k thereof). Learn how
to get your product in the hands of people who can’t live without it,
but never knew. Oodles of tips, hints, examples, handouts, and
exercises will help you determine and achieve goals, and look
professional. This class is for anyone who is making jewelry and
wants to sell it.

Marlene Richey is co-owner and business/marketing manager of William
Richey Designs, LTD, a 26 year old wholesale jewelry design firm and
retail gallery. Her articles have appeared in AJM and Niche
Magazines. Marlene is on the advisory board for the Rosen
Group-Buyers Market of America, the executive board for the American
Business Institute, and the board of directors for the Portland Arts
and Cultural Alliance. She has served on many design juries for
industry shows and has been a participant on numerou s panels about
how to sell and promote designer jewelry. She teaches “Art as
Business” at Maine College of Art. Marlene is a featured presenter
at MJSA Designer Day, NYC. Back by popular demand- and expanded to 3

The Keum-boo Process with Jayne Redman - 3 days ( 9-5, 9-5, 9-4) May
23-25 (Fri-Sun); Wolf Designs, Portland, Maine Keum-boo is a
beautiful and cost effective technique used to bond gold and silver
to the surface of jewelry and hollowware. In this three-day workshop
, students roll out 24k gold and fine silver and apply it to three
dimensional, flat, and textured metal surfaces. We will experiment
with different metals and patinas to create a variety of color
combinations. Among our discussions will be ways to use the technique
in production as well as one-of-a-kind work, and pattern development
for three-dimensional objects. Students may bring finished pieces in
sterling or 18k to embellish , or create samples in class. Jayne
is a professional jewelry designer whose work is exhibited in
galleries across the country. She won the 1998 Niche Award for
Silver Jewelry. Jayne was recently featured in AJM, Lapidary Journal
and Ornament Magazine. She is widely respected for her innovative
approach to the Keum-Boo process and design. Jayne is a graduate of
Maine College of Art where she taught courses in beginning and
advanced Jewelry and Metals.

Wax Carving Revisited with Kate Wolf - 3 days (9-5) May 7-9
(Wed-Fri); Wolf Designs, Portland, Maine This class is for those who
have taken a wax carving class with Kate in the past. Emphasis is
placed on trouble shooting designs, problem solving and helping each
student take their skills to a higher level. Tricks of the trade, new
tools and innovations will be covered. There will be time for tool
making and modifying. Students are encouraged to bring projects,
questions, requests, jokes and dark chocolate. Demos, highly
magnified and viewed on TV monitors, will be given.

Best Regards, Kate Wolf, Portland, Maine- I saw a moose last week- a
quarter mile from th e house-what amazing animals.