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Upcoming juried show

I recently saw a call for Entries regarding an upcoming juried show
whose theme is costume (?) disguise (?). Not sure about the
patriculars. I remember the listing stated that uncommon forms of
jewelry like tiaras would fit the idea of the show. I have a student
that would be perfect for this show, and want to give her contact

Anyone heard of it? It was on the SNAGnet news group within the
month. I deleted the email. Im silly that way. Any info would help!


That was the Made in Metal “Secret Identities” exhibition.

SilverSorceress Designs
Unique, handcrafted Silver and Gemstone Jewelry

[Call for entries] Secret Identities

Greetings Orchid…

As stated in my last posting, we have an open Call for Artists and
encourage anyone interested to give it a read and submit an entry.

Here is a brief description and a link to the PFD version of the
file with all of the details…

Secret Identities: An Exhibition of Intriguing and Wearable Art
Oct. 28 - Nov. 27, 2005
gallery M.I.M., Baltimore, Md.

Judge: Tim McCreight

We all know who we are, but who do we want to be? What better time
than Halloween to investigate our hidden selves? Since the
beginning of time jewelry has been used to broadcast identities -
club association, marital status, and royal affiliations. But why
should we let popes and kings have all the fun? This show will give
artists and designers a chance to invent and broadcast their own

Tim McCreight will be attending the show opening.

The full text along with fee and submission criteria can
be downloaded from…

If you have any other questions, please feel free to let me know.

Jeff Fisher
gallery M.I.M.