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Upcoming Gem Shows

Hello List Members:

I will be at the following gem and mineral shows:

March 14 Through 15
Canton, OH Stark Co. Gem & Mineral Show, 1101 Market Avenie, The
McKinley Room, Canton Memorial Civic Center, Hours: Sat. 10-7 PM & Sun.
10-5 PM

March 20 Through 22
Cleveland, OH IX Center, 6200 Riverside Rd., next to Cleveland
Hopkins Airport, Hours: Fri. 11-8 PM, Sat. 10-8 PM & Sun. 11-5 PM

March 21 Through 22
Buffalo, NY Erie County Fairgrounds, Hamburg, NY, Hours: Sat. 10-8 PM
& Sun. 10-6 PM

I have several kilos of the Oro/Verde <green/gold> Quartz in sizes from
20 grams to over 50 grams, 99+% clean, all sawed crystal points. This is
as good as this material gets and in huge sizes!

I will also have large selection of custom cut gems and collector gems
at these shows. I hope to see some of you there.

PS: You can also see our new SoLux Daylight Trade Show Lighting Kits

Thank you,
Lance Kanaby

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