Up to date way of setting stones No prongs!

Me again on prongs…Yes they are traditional, but were they not
‘invented’ in the '20’s by Tiffany? Before that, there were other
ways to set stones.I would think so. I agree, that they are old
fashioned, but don’t agree they are a sound way of holding stones in
place. Every week I have someone come in with a pronged ring but no
stone!Granted that not every bench person knows the correct way to
set a stone in prongs. see:




But think about it…4 or 6 tiny long wires bent over on the top of
a stone, subject to shifting, bending,catching and pulling
back,wearing down easily, requiring constant maintenance! I see it
every day. If all the rings I made in the past 20 years were in
prongs, I’d be doing nothing but repairing prongs for former clients.
My site has some alternatives Thanks for letting me rag on! Thomas

Hi, Thomas at Island Gold Works,

I have enjoyed your comments about stone setting, and your web site,
but I particularly want to thank you for the links to the
Professional Jeweler archives. The articles are clear, coherant and
well-illustrated. I am delighted to have been made aware of this