Unusual Agate

Hello folks. I’ve been trying to identify an agate on another list
and have been unsuccessful. It cuts very attractive stones, but
I’ve been unable to put a name to the stuff.

I thought what I had was an eye agate or tube agate but have been
unable to come close to this stuff in either of those categories on
the web or in books.

The stuff is multicolored with reds, yellows, white and blue
predominating in a nearly clear background. Very scenic, The key
though is that the powder blue is in circular patterns and the reds,
yellows and white are more in moss pattern. In rough it seems like
it came from the inside of a cave and the little tubes or eyes were
from dripping water.

This is hard to describe, but I’d be happy to send a photo to anyone
who can take a stab at identification, or anyone else for that

Derek Levin

Derek - If the rough material actually has a stalactitic form it may
be cathedral agate, which has many of the characteristics you
mentioned. If the rough merely suggests cave formation I would guess
agua nueva agate. If you have a photo posted somewhere send through
the URL so we can look at it, and make a better ID.

Jim Small
Small Wonders Lapidary

Hi, There is stunning Jasper that many people have not seen unless in
this trade. From what you say, it sounds like Ocean Jasper which
has the characteristics that you describe. That’s my thought. Take
care every one. Waynette

Hi Folks… By no means am I a jasper/agate expert… The Gem Shop
here in Wisconsin is very much into the stuff and has number of
decent pictures of Ocean Jasper (and others) at their website…

As usual, no connection, other than residing in the same
state…(Gotta get around to visiting them one of these days…)

Gary W. Bourbonais

I would also recommend two other sites-

First and foremost would be Roger Pabian’s agate page, which has
excellent photos of agates from around the world. I would also
recommend Pat McMahan’s page,


particularly for plume agate and sagenite photos.

I also have started a (very) small collection of info specifically
on Arizona agate collecting sites at


And will gladly give any and all their propers if they wish to
contribute. I want to promote lesser known but none the less
beautiful agates obtainable in our state.

Lee Einer
Dos Manos Jewelry