Untreated Gem Sources

I’m new to Orchid and would like to express my delight at finding
this forum. I’m getting back into metalsmithing after many years and
have found the here to be very helpful (and fun!!)

I’d like to hear recommendations for companies that sell untreated
gems, either via internet or catalog. Also, does anybody have a good
source local to Massachusetts? My knowledge of gems is at the
complete beginner stage, so I’m trying to learn as much as I can
before plunking down $$$ for stones. Is there a preference for
untreated vs. treated gems?

Anne Lundstrom

Hi Anne I am from Sri lanka , I have a good chance of getting UN
treated stones for you My web address is http://www.ahmeds.com/shop
Regards Ahmed shareek

Anne, I’ve dealt with Joseph Stachura Co. in Uxbridge MA. Their
number is 508 278 6525 and they have a showroom you can visit. All
the times I’ve dealt with them they’ve been very easy to deal with,
extremely nice and informative. Leda

My company is one of the sources of unheated and heated (that does
not include DIFFUSED stones- do not carry diffused at all) in
different colors in sapphires and rubies.

Heat treatment to the precious gemstone is an integral part of the

Unheated stones are the gemstonesnothing has been done to them
butfor facetting to enhance their beauty or to get the best outo=
the rough.

My company’s name isKris Gem Int’lInc and the phone # 800 KRIS
GEMif you need to call them.

Good luck

Hi Ann,

I think if you delve into the Orchid archives a bit you will see
that many knowledgable Orchidites think that the very large majority
of gemstones are treated, and the rarity of certified untreated
stones makes them very expensive. Not all treatments are considered
dishonest; there are some treatments that are done at the mine and
considered normal and unavoidable.

I’m in the Boston area; email me off -list if you’re nearby and
would like to hear about gem sources around here. For catalog
sources, Rio Grande is a very good one for people without resale
license; it gives a little about the treatments for
each stone. You can request one at www.riogrande.com.

Linda in steamy, stormy MA

Hi Anne, Welcome to Orchid! There are several great Orchid member
sources. Just check the archives. Here is a link to a site that has
beautiful pictures and a very helpful section on how to differentiate
between a poorly cut and a well cut stone:


The owner is an IGS member.

Dan T.