Untracht text

Email: klinde@acxiom.com writes: I was wondering if
anyone could give me on the book Jewelry Concepts and
Technology, by Oppi Untracht. Is it worth the investment?

while wendy’s response that the techniques are a little
complicated is true in some respects I think this is a very
worthwhile text…it is truly an encyclopedic reference, rather
than an entry level technical manual. i find it valuable for the
wide range of techniques and tools noted, and a very large
selection of finished pieces. also good is the same authors book
Metal techniques for craftsmen. One of the outstanding features
of this text is that he did extensive field work in india, in
mexico, and elsewhere and many of his photos document the
techniques of these traditional craftspeople. so there is a
blend of “advanced” and “street” technique. the later one,
(concepts and technology) is heavy on "60’s and "70’s
“contemporary” look. interesting how dated this seems now,
almost ready to come around again. i would suggest obtaining
these from a library to evaluate. you can probably get them on
interlibrary loan if your local doesn’t have them. or check in
with the nearest state university library. they are certainly
worth settling down with for a while. eve wallace