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Untidy bench

G’day, all; Further to my earlier (somewhat facetious) mail, I have 14
inch upstands on two sides of my jewellery bench (home-made) and a 24 inch
one at the back. On the side upstands is a double row of small opened-out
curtain hooks; the pliers in greatest use hang on these. There are also
several pairs of small nails upon which to hang the several little hammers
one uses. Each side of the cutout is a drawer for the things one doesn’t
use quite so often - crucibles,heavier files,heavy pliers, ring holder,ring
mandrel etc. The back upstand has several rows of the magnetic strip from
the doors of old refrigerators and those on the left hold swiss files. The
right one holds forceps and the odd scalpel. Above this is another set of
magnetic holders, upon which go the set of riffler files. Nails hold the
jeweller’s saw, strong cutters, paralledl jaw pliers, small hand vices, 6"
rule and little tee square (home made from a stainless 6" rule and
invaluable) I have several needles mounted in wooden dowel. These have
one of those little velcro dots glued to them and fit on a velcro strip on
the upstand. There is a little (home-made) cabinet with 12 drawers to
contain all those wheels and burrs, odd jump rings and little things . I
have the traditional leather skin under the bench cutout. The bench peg
isn’t traditional. It is a 3"x6"x1/4" hard, tough plastic with a vee on
a very strong and rigid but removable bracket (homemade of course). There
is a place for other items, like stock metal, sheet wire, etc in another
set of drawers not on the main bench. Indeed, there is a place for
everything - and it is mostly all over the place. There is also a much
larger workshop for woodwork and iron fighting, and my wife threatens to
clean everything up when I am at a meeting or whatever, if I don’t stop
asking her if she knows where I put something. Oh, and the 14" upstands
don’t stop all the things that go sproinnngg. I spend ages crawling about
on the floor and she walks in, bends down and asks, “Is this what you are
looking for?” Life’s not fair.

   / /    John Burgess, 
  / /
 / //\    @John_Burgess2
/ / \ \

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