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I’ve tried to unsubscribe but I keep getting messages. Please unsubscribe
me. Thanks

Ken S.


Hello Ken S, I have to ask why would you want to un-subscribe from this site, there is so much information available to learn. I’m sure you get other emails from sites that are of no interest to you and you just delete them. Regards, Richard Lucas, LUCAS DENTAL CO. :thinking:


If you haven’t search around for some the great and interesting essays
that are being written, then you haven’t searched enough. Even today, I
have 3 Diamond Setting essays being put togethe
r. Even as it’s our
Canadian long-weekend called “Family-Day” I’m typing notes!
“Ganoksin” is now so immense in researching for some little
problems,everyone wants to chime in and help those who need it. Some of the
answers might be repetitive…then just hit the “delete button”. BUT don’t
think of ‘deleting us’…;>(

*Gerry Lewy *


Please email if you need assistance :slight_smile:


Dear Admin,
My idea was only to get solutions for my problems only.

Sorry for the inconvenience.