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Unsticking SUPERGLUE

When one dops with superglue first to cut the pavilion and then
transfers to the other dop, how do you make sure the table-side comes off
the dops and not the pavilion side? I have had problems unsticking the
superglue. What about just unsticking the superglue if you do not like
the way the stone is attached before you start cutting? – Russell Scott
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i use nailpolish remover to unstick superglue,it works really well,then
just wash the piece (of jewelry) with warm water and the superglue is
gone,if the glue is still there then you need to use more nailplish

Sincerely:Matthew Johnson

I gently heat the dop with a flame way back at the middle of the shaft and
keep it loose so that at the very moment it releases I pull it away. This
is dangerous and you should practice on something not very valuable. If
there is any question at all I use black or green dopping cement. There is
a cement that diamond cutters use for the girdling process that i use for
stones that develope alot of heat. I can tell you more if you or anyone
else is interested.

I use a 10-penny nail as a dop & then just heat the nail (not the stone)
gently & the glue will let go.


To unglue or remove super glue, nail polish remover is expensive, in the
long run, acetone (from paint or hardware store, including Wal-Mart paint
dept.) Nail Polish Remover is dilute Acetone or a weaker synthetic. Use
positive ventilation and rinse skin well around acetone, it is somewhat
dangerous. Also Heat, approx. 350 F. will breakdown most super glues, but
be sure to contain the residue as it is acidic and will contaminate metals
and fluxes it remains in contact with. efw