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Unsolicited Commercial E-mails from ORCHID Subscribers

All, I receive about 5-10 unsolicited commercial e-mails from ORCHID
Subscribers each week. Most come from Thailand, China, Sri Lanka,
and India. Most are blatant attempts to take advantage of the ORCHID
list. These are of minor inconvenience. Some are quite pushy,
demanding responses, demanding immediate action. These
I mind a lot. I very rarely respond to any of these e-mails. Is
anyone else experiencing similar e-mails?

Gerry Galarneau

** Hanuman’s Response **

Dear Gerry;

Please send me the addresses of the spamers. Myself, when I get spam
email i send the following message to the spamer with a cc to abuse@
postmaster@, Please don’t forget to include the spam message
including all the headers of the spam

Hello. The spammer below [Using virtual email address: is either
using your resources to send out bulk unsolicited commercial
e-mail (“spam”) or is deceptively trying to make it look like he
is. In either case, a legitimate company like yours probably
would not approve. The below should be all you need.
also, I have checked his email, and it IS Exist

Thanks in advance for your help

Dear Gerry, Welcome to the world of industrial espionage, bribery,
extortion and confidence games.These creeps use every possible device
to get into your shorts. Usually they are so transparent that it is
an insult to your intelligence. Other times they play upon your
sympathies by telling you sob stories about how oppressive their
employers are or how their lives would be transformed if only they
could get their three legged grandmother to a doctor ! The latest one
is from a Bombay diamond dealer who would have you languish in his
seaside resort condominium if you would only tell him how to nail a
multi-million dollar contract with an American diamond buyer…give
me a break ! They are almost as bad as the telephone slammers from
MCI ! Isn’t it sad that we have to have our lifestyle cocoons
invaded by these predators…well, get used to it…it will
probably get worse in time. There really isn’t any privacy in
cyberspace and, as the world becomes more and more overpopulated it
is inevitable that commerce will become progressively more “dog eat
dog”. We are going to have to resign ourselves to ignoring the
creeps. When you get uptight over them they often interpret your
response as being involvement and will proceed to the next ploy. It
is the same as walking about in an urban environment…never make
eye contact and you probably won’t get hustled ! Ron at Mills Gem,
Los Osos, CA. ( I-30, Tyson Wells Early Show)