Unsodering two rings

What’s the best way to unsolder two rings? Sometimes I come across
rings where the solder has flowed far up the sides.

Mickey Kapoor
Kapoor Jewelers

Mickey take a sharp razor blade and wedge it between the two rings
where their is no solder ,then gently heat ring where the solder is
close to the razor blade.I hope that helps !! It works for me 27
years every time !!!

Thanks Jeff Ellis

There is a gadget that is used to unsolder electrical components
(any radio amateur who does their own electronics will recognise what
I am talking about). I don’t know what it is called elsewhere, but
here in the UK it is called a ‘solder sucker’.

It looks rather like an oversized syringe. When unsoldering, the
plunger is first pushed fully home in readiness, then the solder is
heated until it flows and the nozzle of the solder sucker placed next
to the molten solder. Releasing the plunger pulls the liquid solder
away from the connection and into the nozzle.

I’ve only ever used mine to remove electrical components (I used to
build my own amateur radio equipment), so don’t know if it would
tolerate the higher temperatures needed for silver solder, but it
certainly makes it easy to unsolder connections.


In Essex, where the rare appearance of snow is causing its usual
public chaos

Never had to unsolder in jewelry but with electronics we used a
squeeze ball to such up the solder or we used a metal mesh wire that
was fluxed to absorb the hot solder. Not sure if this helps.

mike w

Heat the ring evenly, and when the solder begins to break down pull
the rings apart. Since you don’t have three hands you will need to
begin by clamping 1/2 the ring into a third hand. Clamp onto the top
of the ring, because if you clamp over the solder you create a heat
sink. And the will not evenl;y disperse heat like you intend. good
luck and remember to remove any stones that are destructable.