Unsetting Stones

Dear J.S. Ellington

 I can't find any on removing cabochons from a bezel
setting and I have no experience with it. Does someone know. 

The first question about this statement would be: Do you want to
save the bezel setting? Well, if yes, you have to be very careful
not to break or shatter the cabochon on the first place. Perhaps the
good thing would be to hold firmly the bezel setting on to a
hand-vice and with a flat graver, size 3mm width, sharpened and
smoothed at the bevel point, try to undo the sleeve which is holding
over the cabochon, with the flat back of the graver facing the
cabochon. Take care not to press too much on the cabochon otherwise
you nay shatter the stone. You have to do the process very
delicately and with very great patience. When you think you’re done
the job, elevate the stone with a beeswax stick.

On the other hand, if you do not need the bezel setting, then it’s a
different story. Hold the bezel setting in one of your hands or a
hand-vice, if you can manage, then with a fret saw, using an 0/6 saw
gauge, cut vertically across the bezel until it shows a sign that
it’s done, taking care not to touch the stone. You can get the
cabochon out.

Hope you will succeed!