Ungluing pearls

… ungluing pearls …and anything else smaller than a 1967 vw bus: awhile
back i uncharacteristically touted a glue ‘debonder solvent’ made by
Uncommon Conglomerates, Inc. 1-800-323-4545. i have had an 8 oz bottle for
3 or so years & it still works - it doesn’t discolor metals, harm skin
(but don’t drink it), damage pearls or any other material, it removes
every glue known to woman. to remove epoxied stones, put piece as level as
possible & let a drop fall on stone - it doesn’t take long to work - pry
up with a pin - i ground a #16 exacto blade to half its thickness (in
other words, it looks the same until you turn it sideways) - as a pry bar.
the debonder is a boon since i set gemstones into other gemstones & there
always seems to be a thin glue ‘beard’ that oozes around settings just to
keep me from getting a big head over a nice stone setting job. to shave
off the ‘beard’, smoosh up (‘frazzle’ is the technical term) the pointy
end of an orangewood stick, just dampen the point in a very little
debonder & run it around the setting. it takes very little debonder - you
don’t want it dripping under the stone after it has set. this stuff does
work without the bad effects of acetone, etc. ive