Unglueing Pearls Archives

Dear Christel and All,

The post most recently that I remember was about removing posts
broken off inside pearls. I posted to that thread on March 31, 2003.
That thread was titled “Broken pin inside pearl”.

To remove a pearl that has been glued on to a post with the post
still connected to the piece of jewelry, I generally use the
electric soldering machine to heat directly behind the post. The
post heats up so quickly that the glue bond breaks down well before
any damage to the pearl. I also keep my apron between my fingers and
the pearl, as it sometimes gets uncomfortable just before the pearl
lets go. As always, don’t breath the fumes that will roll off. Very
nasty stuff.

There is also a product called “attack” that will break down epoxies
and not damage a pearl. I don’t think it works if the glue is super
glue though.

Good luck.

david lee jeweler

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Just soak the pearl in acetone… it will not hurt the pearl and
will break down the adhesive. Jim