Unglue pearl

Hi All, whats the best way to unstick a pearl from its setting? My
speciality is making mastermodels, silversmithing and fabrication for
you guys but from time to time I get these crappy repairs from my
inlaws (sheesh). I dont have a heat gun. Ed Dawson.
Maine Master Models


I know what you mean about repairs like these from “friends and
family.” With a pearl like this, I usually just hold the pearl in my
finger tips and apply heat to the back of the piece with my torch.
My fingers will let me know if things get too hot for the pearl.
Usually, after a little heat, a gentle tug will slide the pearl from
its post.

Good luck,

There are two methods that I am familiar with. One is heating the
setting until the pearl pops off. I am not a great fan of that method
because there is always the chance of damaging the pearl.

What we have found that works better is a product called “Attack”
which is designed to dissolve jeweler’s epoxy. You should be able to
find it at most jeweler supply stores. If you have trouble finding
some, let me know. We’ll help you out!


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One more method. Out the object in something like a closed plastic
film can filled with solution. Put film can in warm ultrasonic and
let it cook awhile ( two -three days?? only kidding) This will
usually loosen stubborn pearls.