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Under Karated Gold

Dear orchids, I am taking all your sage advice. The gold in
question is being assayed this week at Ross Metals on 47th Street.
The casting house in question will remain un-named until the assay
report is completed. I shall also call the Jeweler’s Vigilance
Committe to seek advice. Many thanks. Will be in touch.

Best wishes,

I shall also call the Jeweler's Vigilance Committe to seek advice.

Sorry to disappoint you but I was told not to expect anything from
Jeweler’s Vigilance and I didn’t believe it until I tried too.

Sorry to say that is a useless organization, I was told that they
are toothless tigers and my experience was proof of that.

They will send you a nice letter and say a file was opened, and for
you to provide proof of which there is never enough proof, and the
next thing is they will solicit money from you to become a member of
that useless organization.

They are just a lot of hot air.

Please prove me wrong.

Allan Creates
P.O. Box 51 Cote St-Luc
Montreal Quebec
Tel: 514-488-7553
Fax: 514-489-7299
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