Uncut Emeralds

Can you tell me ? Is there a way of testing or checking an uncut
emerald for authentication? are there any tips or tricks I should
know , or look for ? Kind Regards. Greg Efendakis Fendakis

Greg, Beware…you are treading on thin ice if you are considering
the purchase of rough emerald in Lusaka, Zambia…or any other rough
gemstone venue in Africa, for that matter!I have examined materials
represented as being Zambian emerald in both Lusaka and Nairobi,
Kenya. In each case the items were large crystals displaying
characteristic biotite mica coatings and, when held up to a light
,showed magnificent transparency and color. In the first instance, (
Nairobi, Kenya ) I was approached by three people claiming to be
Zambians who wanted to sell a parcel of rough emeralds. I invited
them to come to my hotel for examination of the goods. The parcel
consisted of two large crystals and a number of small crystals. The
small material appeared to be run of the mill goods which had no
great value, but, the two larger xls. were magnificent and would each
yield several flawless stones of ten + carats!!! The asking price for
the parcel was twenty five thousand dollars. Since the material was
fabulous the price sounded like a bargain. Nonetheless, I advised my
client that we should not consider making an offer until it had been
examined in a lab. We met the next day and proferred the goods to the
lab. After an hour of chit chat the lab technician announced that the
crystals were, indeed, beryl, but the centers had been drilled and
replaced with emerald green glass.! ( the sellers quickly vanished )
A year later ( two years ago) I encountered identical material in
Lusaka , Zambia. Greg…I suggest you look up Amon Banda in
Lusaka. He is probably the best cutter in Zambia. He is very
knowledgable and I am sure he will help you. You can reach him by
contacting Efi O’donnel at Klaus Rygaard Jewelry Ltd. ( By the way,
Efi is Greek also ) Good luck! Ron Mills at Mills Gem Co. Los
Osos, CA.

hey out there!

A couple of years ago, I purchased an emerald crystal from a dealer
who had picked it up in Columbia. Although not faceting quality
material, it was interesting as a crystal specimen, with of the
crystal faces intact and some large pyrite inclusions. The piece is
about the size of a marble.

I have been looking for other crystals like this, but no luck. Can
anyone out there help me? I’m looking for interesting crystal
specimens, not cutting rough.

reply to: dreamgate9@aol.com zaruba

I have some specimens that are in boxes…they are from my parent’s
collection and passed to me upon death. If you email me I will make
the effort to give you the names of the crystals. I have a very large
amethyst one, but I won’t part with that. These are small. Larger than
a marble. m.