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Ultrasonics and other stuff

Has anyone tried Simple Green in a ultrasonic? I ve been trying it
for a couple of weeks with great results. It really cleans all the
rouge and any other left overs from polishing. After a rebate it cost
me just at $4.00 , and you get over a gallon of it that once mixed can
produce up to 50 gallons of cleaning solution!

I am working on a ring I promised my wife a long time ago, just
haven’t had the time to do it. The plan is to channel set a center
Tiffany Princes cut stone, and 4 baggets, 2 on each side. All of the
stones are aprox the same height , so I am using a channel in 2
pieces ( top & bottom) that I made from white gold . The ring is
Yellow gold. I measured the stones depth, width, length and then
created the white gold to accommodate them. After setting it all up
side down in clay, I covered it with a small amount of investment. Now
everything is in place for Hard soldering. After I solder, I plan on
cutting out , with foredom and gravers, the yellow gold ring face to
accommodate the shape of the backside of the stones to act as a
sotrta seat. Then I am thinking of rhodium plating the yellow gold
inside that will be under the diamonds. All the stones are in the VVS
to Vs1 clarity range and G - F in color , I am thinking by plating
under , they wont pick up the yellow of ring and continue to looks
white. After setting the stones, I am" thinking" of making small
panels to cover the end and the angled step up to the princess
diamond or center stone. _/-±_ <<> ( + is for
center stone.) These panels would be Soft soldered.

Ok , after all this babble, here is the query… my problem is
that I have never channel set before and in my practice I have
troubles keeping the bur " on track". I can make a straight line!!
whats the secret??? Be kind, I’m still learning

Daniel H.
St.Louis Mo

Clarify my last post

First, I have not enclosed it with the investment, and now after
really looking into it, realize that I cant do it that way. I think I
will have to build support post to have an even space between top and
bottom parts, or , maybe wire the pieces firmly to the ring and then
solder. Any ideas are appreciated.

Second , I wrote " I can make a straight line!!" Should say " I CAN’T
MAKE A STRAIGHT LINE!!" the burs, or actually its myself, that keeps
running off course. Any suggestions?? Is there a good book on using
flexshafts and burs ?? I know of the Connors book, but I’ve heard its
not that good.

Daniel H.
St.Louis Mo

Hello Daniel: I have a tool that allows you to preset your cutting
depth called a “Stone-Setting stop”. It is item number 113-148 from
Rio Grande 1-800-545-6566 costs about $20.00 The stop has a set screw
that you tighten to any 3/32" burr so it fits any flex shaft. I use it
for the very thing you propose to do. I also use it to cut my stone
seats in the wax as I turn it on my lathe. This gives me very level
channel set stones providing of course the girdle - table measurements
are all close on my stones.

Michael R. Mathews Sr. Victoria,Texas USA

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In our ultrasonic, we use a commercial grade concentrated solution.
This stuff is so thick and slimy but is made for removing polishing
compounds. when it comes to the people goo, that us jewelers all too
often come across. we use a small jar with a good fitting lid filled
with simple green. I have found that simple green works best on
organic matter, lotions, dead skin, last weeks meat loaf… hahhahaha

Rick in KC


I was in a similar situation a few years ago. A tool that will help,
is the Allset. It attaches to your #30 Foredom handpiece. You can set
it to the depth you want and make your cuts.

Timothy A. Hansen