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Ultrasonic Solution [Plus]

 I also use a good shot of windex , the combination of the two
w/hot water makes a kick butt cleaning solution. 

Just another note for any of you who have ever had that
charmingly large ring buyer, who insists that he or she wears a
size six, and then forces the ring on before you can divert his
or her attention long enough to make a lunge for the ring, and
hand them a size nine…Windex contains an incredible slipping
agent in in. If the customer was able to jam that ring onto their
wee finger, a litle shot of Windex, will always remove what may
otherwise have become a digit-garrotte. Slips the ring off almost
effortlessly, and impresses the heck out of the customer too. Of
course this will absolutely necessitate a completely thorough
cleaning to remove the Windex, but better that, then cutting the
ring, or throttling the customer. Even if this particular
customer would benifit from the occasional throttling…Ok…I’m

Martha Stewart Junior: a.k.a. Lisa, (raining bobcats and coyotes… in April
yet…sheesh!), Topanga, CA USA


Hello Martha

Another way of getting that too small ring off the finger comes

here. I sell some rings on viking markets here in Scandinavia,
and on those markets we are always dressed and equipped in
authentic viking gear, including an ax. When someone (mainly
kids) has slipped a ring on that they cannot get off again I
suggest we simply hack off the finger with the ax. It has worked
wll so far, – that is, I have not yet had to use the ax. We
normally get a good laugh about how much it would cost to clean
the ring for blood aftterwards. Though I must admit that it
would probably not look good in an ordinary jewellers shop.

Best viking regards from Denmark, the homeland of the vikings