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Ultrasonic Question

Hi out there,
I would like to buy an ultrasonic and wondering if I can buy an off-brand for something like this or if I should get a Gemoro or something standard like this?

It kind of depends on what your budget is, and what kind of stuff you’re looking to do.
At home I actually use a harbor freight ultrasonic, and it works ok, especially considering that it was only $80 USD. Is it the best? Good lord no! But it can get the job done that I need.
I’ve noticed that the ultrasonic waves are fairly concentrated in the middle of the machine, so anything you have towards the edges won’t get as clean.

But if you just need one to get you started, then I would go that route, and put that saved money towards a good steamer (that’s what I’m doing).

Hey, thanks for your reply. I am thinking I might spend the money on a name brand 2 quart. I got a refurbished Sharpertek steamer from Rio at discount already so…I’m thinking a good ultrasonic with heat and sweep functions would be good

I have the GemOro 2 Qt and Gemoro 1.5 pint (TINY)

I thought I was initially going to return the 1.5 pint but because its so small, it’s actually does an amazing job cleaning everything corner to corner. More concentrated cleaning.

I recommend the Gemoro because of the knobs so you don’t have to worry about digital malfunction and you’re sh*t out of luck.

Great warranty and great quality!