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Ultrasonic Q&A - TDCJ inmate

Dan Woodard, Indian Jewelers Supply Co.

on behalf of customer Rick Fras - #460665 Reply to: P.O. Box 32 - 815
12th St. - Huntsville TX 77348

Responders advice: Be firm but gentle. Make return address removable
prior to delivery. Do not cave in to requests for money or goods.

His excerpted/paraphrased/edited letter follows:

I am plan to buy an u’sonic cleaner. Which is best? My materials are
German Silver, Brass, and Stainless Steel, I am removing zam and
greystar residues.

I borrow a friend’s u’sonic (#LC30H Elma), and am having problems.
Solutions used are 008 concentrate cleaner, & Rio’s Buff Cpd. Rmvr.
Metals turn shades of red, purple, and blue, seemingly plated.
Prolonged contact with the bath solutions may be the problem. Has this
happened to any of you?

Sincerely, R.F.
Thanks Orchidians!