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Ultrasonic problems

Okay, you electronic/mechanical wizards…I have a @ 3 yr old Vigor
ultrasonic that has a heater that has long since stopped working
(contact came loose, I think) and today the ultrasonic stopped.
Check the fuse and it was blown. Replaced two more and turned it on,
neither time did it work and both fuses were blown. Sounds like a
short(duh?)…SUGGESTIONS??? Thanks in advance!

Bob Staley
B.Staley, Goldsmiths
Precision Laser Welding

Hi Bob

Sounds like it’s a candidate for Mike Fritz ( at
’Lone Star Technical Services’ I think that’s the co. name). Mike does
very good work at a fair price. I think he checks in to Orchid. You
might contact hgim 1st to see if he has any suggestions prior to
repairing the unit.



Your machine is still fairly young, so it is probably NOT bad
transducers, which is good news.

Yes, I agree there is an electrical short, PROBABLY an electronic
short, most likely failed transistors and related components
(probably relates to the fuse blowing). I troubleshoot electronic
circuit boards to the component level here in my shop, saving much
money to my customers. I repair equipment for Jewelers–all types of

The heater can be replaced relatively inexpensively; usually
replacement of the heating element, please keep in mind that it could
be a problem with the heater controls (although if it is a loose
connection, that is very easy to find & to fix).

Hope this has helped. If I can answer any more questions, please let
me know. You may send the machine here and I will give you an exact
description of what is “ailing” it and a free estimate to repair it.
Good luck to you. John Cranor, The Jewelry Equipment DR,

Bob You can always send it to us. Lone Star Technical Services. We
repair ultrasonic cleaners. Tell me more
about the unit. Is the tank etched enough to leak on the circuit
board? Does it have a drain that might have leaked and shorted out
the circuit board? Are the transducers cracked? Ultrasonics are quirky
in that some will last 5+ years and others will go toes up within 2-3
years. A lot depends on how you treat the machine. Is it turned on
in the AM and run all day? Do you change the solutions regularly
(daily)? Do items contact the base of the tank while it is operating?
Do you wipe down the unit after you drain it to be sure no water
enters the circuitry from below?

Let me know if we can be of service to you

Mike & Dale Lone Star Technical Service The ultrasonic repair guys