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Ultrasonic POLISHING unit

Does anyone use a ultrasonic POLISHING unit such as the ones Gesswein sell on the bench. I am looking at for saving time on cleanup in hard to reach places on gold & Pt as well. Does it work ?

SonoCraft ST-360 | Ultrasonic Finishing System | Gesswein

ULTRAMAX Mini Ultrasonic Polishing System for Jewelry Applications | Gesswein

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Badeco sells a polishing hand piece for flex shafts that may do a similar job for vastly less money. You will have to ask Gesswein or some other source how they compare.

Neil A

On a whim we actually picked up an ultrasonic polishing unit from AliExpress. It’s not as sexy looking as the Gesswein one, but it does work pretty well (and only cost about $300 including shipping). I’ve found a fair number of things like that on AliExpress that are nearly, if not totally identical to the Gesswein models (looking at you, micro-motors!).
As to whether or not they work, I’d say they work pretty well. I’m partial to the Diprofil handpieces, but they for sure don’t do the same kind of polishing when equipped with a mirror polish tungsten tip.

I have one of the Gesswein polishers and use it all the time. When I first got it I wasn’t impressed, but as I learned how to use the machine it became part of my process. I use the ceramic sticks with it to smooth out grow lines on casts before hand thrumming. I’m not sure if you would be able to polish your piece to a mirror shine with just the unit. It does come with a burnisher you can smooth things out with, but I find myself using a thrum or slurry cloth for that

Thanks for all the info guys

Hi I’m sorry I know this might be an old post, I’m looking to get a unit that has the smallest attachments to quickly brighten hard to reach areas. Does anybody have experience or insight on which model is best for this? Thanks I’m advance.