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Ultrasonic milling

I am trying to find regarding a new high-tech
procedure known as ‘ultrasonic milling’ which jewellers use for
carving gem stone(or jade). I am interested in finding new and
improved ways for carving bone.

If you or any of your colleagues may have any on
this process, could you please inform me of where I might find it
on the internet.

Thank You
Jayson Tarawhiti

Jason, The technology has been around for quite some time, and there
was a discussion regarding the application back in 2001. I will direct
you to the archives where I supplied a brief outline regarding the
Sonic Mill, and also the relevant contact supplied by
Ken Kotoski of MPG Repair.

If you need more help on the subject, give me a call. If you would
like to chat about your application, I will be more than willing to
assist you. Best Regards.

Neil George

Hi Jayson

Here’s the web site for the only manufacturer I know of

The machines have gone up in price astronomically. I was planning on
getting one until I learned the smallest unit they sell is somewhere
in the neighborhood of $20K. To my very limited knowledge, this is
the only domestically made machine that will carve larger items like
gems. There are some manufacturers in India and another in Turkey I
think, but I could be wrong about that last one, that sell their
machines fairly inexpensively. I have written to both but never
received a response from either.

Good luck!
Jeffrey Everett