Ultrasonic Milling


I just recently acquired an ultrasonic rotary milling machine
that I’m going to use to machine granite with but alas it didn’t
have a power supply. I need to find then a high frequency high
voltage power supply. The supply drives a two element piezo head
at approx 20KHz - 1200 Volts. The output power rating is 450
Watts. Other than the original part number for the supply that’s
all I know at this point. The power supply part number, by the
way, is 183V and was made by Branson Sonic Power Co in Danbury
Conn for their UMT-5 Ultrasonic Rotary Mill (this is what I
have). I contacted Branson but they no longer make either unit
although they do have a power supply of similar type (for
ultrasonic welding) which runs around 7k! Too rich for my blood
so I need to find an alternative. Any suggestions would be

Luke Coletti


I need to find then a high frequency high voltage power supply.


You may be able to find one used at a local salvage place, or at
a machine sales place. I can look at a place locally, but we are
getting ready to leave on vacation in two days and I’ll be gone
for a week. If you still need something when we get back, I can
check. Where are you located? I assume this will weight a bit,
but still be shippable, if I can find one.

Best of luck.

GoldStones, Inc.