Ultrasonic floaters

Hello Orchidland,

You know that Eureka momentee I just had one and have to share - so
simple and inexpensive, and an easy way to clean jewelry in the
ultrasonic. It holds whatever cleaning liquid you want and contains
any bits/stones that might fall off. The water in the ultrasonic
stays clean.

Look at bottles of liquid laundry softener or color-safe bleach
(usually contains hydrogen peroxide). You want a lid that looks a bit
like a top hat on the bottle When removed, there should be an
extension inside the lid that protrudes down into the bottle neck. I
used the plastic lid from a large bottle (44oz/1.3L) of liquid
laundry softener (example: Downy). I have saved two lids, one larger
diameter than the other.

Turn the lid upside down with the extension up. The bottom of the
extension forms a well. The ‘brim of the top hat’ extends out around
this well and keeps it upright. Put the piece to be cleaned into the
well of the extension, and add your choice of cleaning liquid. Float
the lid in the ultrasonic. Because the well is suspended below the
surface of the water in the ultrasonic, the contents are subjected to
the ultrasonic action. At least I could see the vibratory action.
Apparently the ultrasonic waves (or whatever) penetrate through the
plastic to zing off the grunge.

Obviously, there is a limit to how much weight and cleaning liquid
can be held by the lid and still float. If the metal is really heavy,
the lid won’t float and it’s back to suspending the piece from a
rack. However, smaller items float well.

I took photos, so if my explanation is unclear, email me off line
and I’ll attach pictures to a reply.

See if you find this useful, Judy in Kansas, where those suffering
peonies and hydrangeas seem to be happier in their new spots.

I sometimes use ziplock bags for items I think that the pave stones
might come out in. saves lots of hunting in your tank. put the piece
in the bag withsome cleaner drop it in the ultrasonic.