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Ultrasonic disaster

Hi all,

I absentmindedly left the heater on in my ultrasonic and of course
boiled out all the water. I refilled it and turned it on. It makes
the noise, but there is no ultrasonic action going on at all. Is
this repairable or am I just hosed? I am so mad at myself I could
just scream!

Thanks for your help.

Mary Ferrulli Barker
Addison Avenue Information Technology
Mon- Thu 6:30 am to 2 pm Pacific Time

Mary, it may be that the piece that attaches to the metal basin has
come away from it. It should be inside the unit, underneath the
basin. I’m not sure what they use to attach it and I don’t know how
long epoxy would last. If it still makes the noise, it is likely
there, just unattached. My guess is that it’s repairable.

James in SoFl


This happens often with old ultrasonics that have been heated up a
bit hot. It is most likely the little bits that vibrate (technical
term) have fallen off the tank because the glue got too hot. if this
is the case then you should be able to take it to a service agent to
have them re attached. good luck.

Phil W

Howdy y’all:

Lone Star Technical Service is ready and able to fix your
ultrasonic. is the URL please feel free to give
us a call. We do warranty work for ELMA and Healthsonics and of
course repair other brands and models.

Thanks for your time.
Mike and Dale, Your ultrasonic repair guys.