Ultrasonic cleaning fluids

Due to the very high cost of the commercial ultrasonic fluids, I’m
looking for any home made recipes that are effective. I’m sure the
stuff is fairly simple to make at a reasonable cost. If it is cheap
to make we could all change the fluid more often, thus saving money,
time and energy.

For many years I used a mixture of 2 table spoons of Wisk liquid
laundry detergent and 1/4 to 1/2 cup Household Ammonia per gallon,
The laundry detergent merely serves as a wetting agent and the
Ammonia actually does the cleaning, This solution worked well for
investment removal as well as for Polishing Compounds. It also works
well for just removing plain gunk and nasty from pieces so you can
actually make a reasonable appraisal of a repair, it also cleans
suitable stones.

Kenneth Ferrell

I have been using Dawn Ultra dishsoap in my ultrasonics for years.
The stuff is very “wet” (cleans well) and gentle with organic stones.


Hi Mark, I am what ration of Dawn and water you use for your ultrasonic? Do you use it on silver? I have been using a random mix of Dawn with water. I use it to clean my pieces and solder prior to soldering and after polishing. Recently I started using Sterlium Plus and have had problems with a yellow staining so I am wondering if I am using too much soap when cleaning prior to soldering as areas around solder joins go yellow.

Thanks! Nicolina