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Ultrasonic Cleaners Vs Ws compounds

Hi all

Before investing in any cleaning equipment � try the WATER
SOLUBLE (WS) polishing compounds. May purchase from Gesswein and
others. I have been using for some time and cleaning is no longer
a problem�. Ammonia and other stuff. Simple use any soap and warm
water with tooth brush. I use WS Graybar for cut-down and general
touch-up. Then WS RED rouge for finale polish My experience is
with Silver � gold should be similar.

Go with the flow

Hi Lou, You say you use a tooth brush for cleaning - my
experience is that a tooth brush can scratch silver - I now use a
artists paint-brush instead. Any comments anyone?

Lars Dahlberg/Sweden

Hi Lars I use a soft brush and have not notice any surface damage
. The water soluable polishing compounds greatly reduce my
cleaning cycle time.

go with flow