Ultimate GLUE . . No Joke!

I have to glue 2 watches (like ladies) together!. … They must
be running at the end of the setting… Don’t believe Solder can
be trusted (at least in my hands!) …so PLEASE, … let’s talk
Glue . . Balancing in no problem…

Your opinion please and why? . . Had to be a strong bond … the
strongest… will be use as a pin but in a ‘tuff’ environment!
That is, subject to some disturbance !



I have to glue 2 watches (like ladies) together!. .___________

Have you considered using rivets or metal linkage of some type?
Safer than glue, I would think, and no solder would be needed…


Hi Jim, I use E-6000 on my costume jewelry. I have had very good
results with it. I have tried other glues and they just didn’t
hold up as well as the E-6000. You can buy it at any craft or
fabric store.

Good luck,