UK subscription to Jewelry Artist magazine

Hi folks,

Does anyone else in the UK subscribe to Jewelry Artist magazine? If
so, do you have issues constantly going missing in the post or is it
just me?

I paid for a two year subscription near the end of 2007 and
eventually I received my first copy of the magazine (January 2008
issue). It arrived in a brown envelope. I then received my February
issue in due course - this time in a transparent cover, but the piece
of paper with my address on was obscuring the fact that it was a
jewellery magazine. My March issue arrived, also in a transparent
cover but this time the front cover of the magazine, clearly titled
“Jewelry Artist” was in full view. I was surprised it hadn’t gone

Nothing arrived in the next couple of months so I contacted the
publishing company. They apologised and sent replacement copies of
April and May - in a brown envelope so the contents were anonymous
and arrived safely. They assured me that I should receive my June
issue in due course. Guess what? It NEVER arrived - nor has the July
issue. I have emailed them about this and am waiting for a reply. I’m
sure they will ensure replacements and my grievance is not with the
folks at Jewelry Artist magazine.

My magazines are clearly being filched by some postal worker
somewhere along the lines, who fancies the look of the attractive
jewellery magazines and it is NOT the fault of the publishing company

  • I’m not blaming them at all. My query has to do with me wondering
    whether the fact that they are sending them in transparent polythene
    covers is the reason for them going missing, because the contents are
    clearly visible. Does anyone else in the UK have this same problem?
    When they’re sent in a brown paper envelope, they arrive without

Any enlightenment on this would be much appreciated. I’m getting
quite frustrated by the whole experience. I look forward to
receiving my magazines each month, reading the articles and generally
looking at the eye candy others have made and then get frankly upset
when they don’t appear - especially when the good folks on Orchid
mention such and such in the latest issue, etc, etc, and I’m not in a
position to appreciate it. Sorry, I’m ranting again. Someone shut me
up! :wink:

Helen Hill

Helen, I am not in the UK, but have dealt with missing and delayed
issues for years. Like you, I am sure it is not the fault of the
publisher or distributer. My biggest peeve though, is the Ministry
officials who are so threatened by jewelry models, that they go
through my jewelry magazines and use a black marker to cover any
skin that may be showing…oftentimes covering jewelry as they go.
That one really gets me steamed!!! My own personal rant. I wish I
could help.

Saudi Arabia

Hi Helen,

I had a similar problem with another magazine, it would go missing
sometimes when it was sent in a transparent cover, but the
repacement ones sent in brown envelopes were ok.

I now order all my USA Mags from Smiths. Paid a UKP 10.00 Deposit and
they get them for me each month. I have a special folder and just
pick them up as and when. Never had any problems and they usually
arrive within days of being published in the States. Obviously you do
not have the advantage of the freeebies associated with a
subscription, but you do not have the hassle.



It’s not just you having problems with Jewelry Artist Magazine. I
subscribed (and paid for my subscription) last Fall. It was
three-four months before I received my first issue. Then I received
three issues within two weeks. Thereafter, I seemed to be on the
"monthly list" for a while. Then, June’s issue was very late and I
haven’t received July yet. Of course, this doesn’t help you out…
but at least you know that you have company.

Jamie K.

I’ve got to chime in with you, Helen… I’m not in the UK, so
apparently, the problem is international.

I got three magazine subscriptions as Christmas presents, ordered
through Amazon – Art Jewelry, Jewelry Artist, and Metalsmith. I
haven’t seen an issue of Jewelry Artist YET. (Well… I went to
Borders and bought the current issue at retail, because I wanted the
instructions for Victoria Lansford’s ring… the pictures don’t do
it justice, it’s even cooler in person!)

  1. call the publisher directly,ask for the circulation/subscription
    manager (look in a back issue and see if subscriptions are handled by
    another firm -if so proceed to the publisher and report fulfillment
    is not happening from the out sourced service provider) and ask to
    have replacement copies sent out ASAP

  2. report that you suspect your mail is not reaching you to the
    GPO’s Minister of Postal and Telecommunications or just the GPO in
    Lancashire Frustrating business when a mag outsources…I had a
    similar incidences with Coloured Stone, and Jewelry Retailer
    magazines… Usually they simply confirm your sub. and send out
    replacements in one parcel (provided there are some left of a
    particular issue to send out)

Hi Helen,

I don’t subscribe to that magazine, I buy it over the counter, but I
do subscribe to another. The last two mags have arrived without any
wrapping, Just a label stuck on the front cover. It is odd, because
often this mag has a fact sheet enclosed and I can’t see how this
would work. I will email them to see what is going on.

Cheers from Nottingham, Ruth

I think you are spot on with the clear cover being tempting but I
think even more likely a scenario is that they slip out of the clear
covers and then they are forever lost as the address is on a slip of
paper not stuck on the magazine. I am always amazed at how many times
one end is not sealed properly and the magazine could have easily
slipped out ; only through pure luck have I not lost several of them.

Christine in the Ridge

Hi Evalie,

My missing issues problem kind of pales into insignificance compared
to your censored magazines - that’s outragious. But I guess there
are big differences in the cultures in question and there’s a lot to
be said for the modesty that’s practiced in your country.

It’s somehow comforting to know it’s not just me though.

Hi Barbara,

Good to see another fellow UK metalsmith! I didn’t realise I could
order such magazines from Smith’s. That’s really good to know and
I’ll consider that when my subscription runs out. I’m not sure we
get any of the freebies you mention, with the Jewelry Artist

Hi Jamie,

I too subscribed around about September last year but received
nothing for months but then they eventually started coming through
but I only received the first three without problem. Like you say,
it’s good to know I have company. Maybe the good folks at the
publishing company will think about such problems. We can hope.

Hi Lauren,

That’s bad news about you not receiving a single issue! There are
obviously problems with the distribution of the magazine. I wonder
how many people it affects each month. I sincerely hope my July
issue turns up then as I don’t want to miss out on Victoria’s ring or
I’ll have to have a big sulk! :frowning:

Dear RER,

It looks like a formal complaint is in order. It’s got to the point
where I don’t even know when I’m supposed to receive an issue, so I
tend to leave it a few weeks then complain, but then like you say
there may not be any copies of that particular issue left to send

Thanks to you all for replying to my query/rant. It is strangely
comforting to know that I am not alone, but the whole service should
be handled better than it is. They’re probably losing more money,
having to reissue extra copies to those customers who haven’t
received them than they would if they were distributed at source, in
such a way that they’d be less likely to go missing.


The subscription fulfillment company has problems. I have had to
contact the publisher to get things resolved for 3 different
magazines handled by the same company. It’s not just a UK thing.

You should be able to go to subscriber services and mark that you
missed the issue, which will generate a remailing. Once you’ve
gotten to an annoyed enough state, email the magazine publisher and
complain. I had extra months added to my subscription after they
messed up my account enough times.


Hi Ruth,

I don't subscribe to that magazine, I buy it over the counter, but
I do subscribe to another. 

I’ve never seen Jewelry Artist for sale over the counter and I’ve
looked. Which shop do you buy it from?


I am always amazed at how many times one end is not sealed properly
and the magazine could have easily slipped out 

That hadn’t occurred to me but yes they are kind of flimsy. It’s
becoming a very frustrating problem indeed.


Hello y’all,

now that I read all this ongoing problem with ordering magazines
from other country’s, I really dont feel like getting into it and be
a part of those with this type of “malfunctions”.

I subscribed -years ago now- ones to lap journal and quess what?
Missing magazines and more ongoing trouble with this company. As a
paying customer -you don’t get anything bevor they have your money
anyway- it really looks like you’re standing in the middle of

The funny part is, as far as I know, amarican magazines do have - in
my opinion- the best shared resources and much more for
beginners and prof’s. If I compare them with european magazines,
it’s a completly different world. This is one of the reasons why I
became an orchid member. Everybody shares everything… even this
type of communications is not found in Europe!!!

End of line, this forum is one of a kind and magazines take the
second place…still the overseas problems.

Have a nice weekend -)


Hi Cate,

This is the second time I’ve had to complain, although the two
complaints involve five missing issues! They have extended my
subscription by a months too, but it would be better if they could
just improve the situation. Thanks for sharing your experiences too.


End of line, this forum is one of a kind and magazines take the
second place....still the overseas problems. 

You’re right Pedro, but I do enjoy looking at all the eye candy
available in the magazines (if we eventually receive them) and
they’re good for finding suppliers in the classified section too.


Dear Fellow Orchidians,

I hope to help you understand the difficulty of overseas periodical
delivery. There are many agents and handlers through which your
magazine travels during its trip to your mailbox. Each handler
increases the potential for delay and damage to your magazine. This
is quite simply, the nature of the beast, and one of the most
frustrating aspects of print publishing. We strive to create content
readers want, and are delighted you make the effort to subscribe
regardless of the difficuties.

We are currently researching the feasibility of creating digital
versions of our magazines for delivery via email. This direction
would not eliminate the print version, but would allow overseas
readers especially, the opportunity to reliably receive their issue
of Jewelry Artist without the typical delay or damage to the print

We would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Drop me an email at the address below, and let me know what you
think about Jewelry Artist, and if you would be interested in an
electronic version.

Helen Driggs, Managing Editor
Jewelry Artist; Lapidary Journal
300 Chesterfield Parkway, Suite 100,
Malvern, Pa.19355
phone 610-232-5719 fax 610-232-5756

Hi folks,

It’s that time again. Time for what is fast becoming my monthly rant
about Jewelry Artist magazine and the appalling service of whatever
company they’ve farmed their subscriptions out to.

After yet again having to complain to them about not receiving my
June or July issues of Jewelry Artist, they apologized and promised
me they’d arrange for redelivery of June’s issue but that I should
wait for July to turn up by the normal method (which means to not
turn up at all). I was thrilled to see the brown envelope on my
doormat this morning, looking forward to reading June’s belated
issue, when guess what? They didn’t send me Jewelry Artist - they
sent me the July/ August issue of QUILTERS!!! I am somewhat fuming
to say the least.

I have sent a very disgruntled email of complaint to Jewelry Artist
but in all probability, they won’t have any June issues left
anymore. I’m considering looking into other possible ways to source
this magazine and demanding my money back as this is just getting
beyond a joke.

Sorry for the rant, but I had to vent.

Helen Hill