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[UK Source] Rectangular drawplate

Hi All,

I am looking for a rectangular drawplate, preferably in the UK, in
the proportion 3:1, ie a hole 3mm high is 1mm wide, I know they used
to be made but all I can find at the moment is 2:1. (I keep getting
suppliers thinking that one that goes from 3mm down to 1mm is the
same thing!) Anyone got one they dont want ? Buying one from the
States costs a fortune in postage from the big suppliers, so fingers

Tim Blades

Hi Tim,

Sorry, I can’t help with the drawplate, but can offer a suggestion
for a possible alternative.

If you don’t need to create rectangular wire where each face is
flat, then have you considered using a rolling mill? Whenever I need
strips I use my rolling mill. There are only two small problems:
predicting the final dimensions, and the edges of the strip are
slightly rounded instead of being flat, but in my case that’s not an
issue. I solved the problem of predicting the final dimensions by
doing a series of experiments and writing a small computer program.
Now, all I have to do is to specify the width and thickness of the
wire I need and the program tells me what size of round or square
wire I should start with.

For example, for a strip of 1x3mm I should start with round wire of
2.347mm diam, or square wire of 2.080mm.

If it would help, I can let you have a copy of the program.

Regards, Gary Wooding

I think you have a problem as the rectangular D/P you want is not a
standard measurement. You might get one in France. Or you could get
a ‘Turks Head’ if you are wealthy. That is a 4 part adjustable
drawing device. From Italy, though I have heard they are out of
production. I would suggest making a swage drawing device if you want
a large quantity of 3 to 1mm strip… See my blog. Ganoksin, ‘On Your
Metal’: ‘Drawing wires and sections using the swage plate’. I’ve just
checked and the notes are there but the photos have disappeared. I
will try to upload it all again. You can read the notes there anyway.
Or try Google Docs. Same title. It is all there and open to anyone. I
dont know how you open it.

David Cruickshank, Australia

Hi Tim

Try HS Walsh who have both a website and showrooms in the Birmingham
and London jewellery quarters - they have 20 hole and 30 hole 3-1
drawplates - plus they also can make irregular shape ones to order

Nicola Perkins

How about using a square draw plate and pull 2 wires through it to
end up with 2 rectangular shaped wirers. Or take an old file anneal
it and make your own draw plate. I have done that and it works.

Vince LaRochelle

Oops sorry Tim, just re-read the Walsh description, it’s 3mm-1mm not
3x1 proportion. They might be able to make it for you though.