[UK Source] Presentation boxes

Hello Gang,

I really need your help !! I’m just soooooo frustrated!! I need to
find good quality presentation boxes, I cant get anything here in
Ireland, can you believe that?? unless someone knows better out

So I’m aiming at the UK market, but I’m just getting the run around

I’m looking for large Collarette presentation boxes, with
leatherette covering, with solid body, I don’t want it to dimple and
spring back every time you touch it, if you get my meaning?? Let me
list this properly, here is the complete list of my needs.

a… Box measuring 7.25 x 7.25 or there abouts

b… Plain Black leatherette covering, no cheap gold detail

c… Flat Black interior floor padding, (mounted detail interiors are
no use,) my jewellery wont fit.

d… Satin lid liners

Well that’s it really, I just want something classy to suit my
jewellery, and I feel I may as well be banging my head off the wall,
I have spend days on the net searching…ah im sure you know
how frustrating that can be.

And what samples I have had sent to me ? well there mostly awful!!
And the ones I do like, don’t come in the size or colouring I

Anyways I really hope someone out there can help me, I’m just worn
out !!

Thank you so much ! “You will have a friend for life if you can help

Best wishes to you all
Dublin, Ireland

Tina in Dublin,

There is a box company in Germany called Ch. Dallinger that make very
high end, very expensive, but excellently made and high quality
boxes. They will custom make stuff for you as well. I think you can
find them on the web. Just be prepared to wait. They’re a little

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers, LLC
1780 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140

Almost everything is made in China, and I go there twice a year.
But are you willing to buy 2 to 3 K and a mold charge for a specialty


Pickering & Mayall will make custom cases to your spec.

Pickering & Mayall 
42 Caroline St 
B3 1UE 

(+44) 121  2362183 

Bill Bedford

Hi Tina,

Have you tried Noble, they have a website at

Neil KilBane


cost is everything. I have had the same problem. I make my own
boxes. I have grown tired of hunting someone to make them. Have you
tried Asperys…Just kidding. Call James Miller in UK he will help
you. He is a friend of mine and we have shared many valuable tips. If
James can’t help you then we have no hope.


There is a company in England by the name of Kit Heath. He has some
great boxes for his company, maybe they can put you onto whoever
does theirs…

All I can find is their U.S. number and email, but maybe it will


Good luck!

CeltCraft Beads & Jewelry

Hi Tina,

try Kansa Kraft, they are in Wales, I dont have the number to hand
but they do a box about that size ,quite good quality if it is deep
enough for you.


Hi Tina,

I am a goldsmith in the UK and I have a great supplier of quality
presentation boxes, the comany is jewel display, they make all types
of presentation boxes for the trade.

Jewel Display,
London Road, Brandon,
Suffolk, IP27 0NE,
phone: 01842814722,
fax: 01842811228.

I have used them for leather covered custom made cases for many
years and the service is superb, just send them a design of what you
want andthey will do the rest, even making the name stamps and
stamping your name inside the lids on the satin if you require.
Here is a photo of the last case they made me to hold a paper

regards James.

Hi Tina,

In my opinion, the finest display materials anywhere in the world
are shown are at the Basel gem show in Switzerland. I don’t recall
manufacturers names but the craftsmanship is exquisite. You should
find a show directory to locate company names.

The display are very expensive and most are handcrafted in Italy.
As you well realize, presentation is everything in this business and
the cost are insignificant if they really help sell the product.

Let me know if locate a few good manufacturers.

Ed Cleveland

Hi Tim,

Thank you! No im not will to to buy 2-3K with mold charge. I really do
not want to got the custom route, its just too costly, Im just
hoping to find a company that already manufactures the sizes I need.
And thanks to a lot of replies to my cry for help, I do believe I
may have found not one company that does so, but many. “Thanks for
you input”

Wishing you well
Dublin, Ireland

I’m holding my breath, I just asked for a quote on a standard box
for watches. It’s all plastic for low end watches, so I’m hoping for
only 2,000, I don’t want to see that “We only start at 10 K” thing."
I’ll only live so long, so I need to get rid of them before I die!
I’ll be going to Hong Kong / China again in September, so if you have
a picture or size of what you want email me sales@tmpco.com and I can
look while I’m at the trade show. I make a list of stuff I need so
I’ll just put you on it. Just let me know how much you can spend at
one time and we’ll see, because “I have a big customer in Ireland, So
what can we do on a trial order. Imprinted logo at no charge
right?.” Purchasing direct from the factories is much less on a
standard box they make. I also have some unfinished business with a
nice young lady I met in China that I left 3 weeks ago. I can’t
wait! :slight_smile:

Good luck on your search.