[UK Source] Colorit


I’m trying to locate Colorit in the UK but it doesn’t seem to be
available - does anyone know where I can get hold of it, or
something similar?


Hi Sarah,

I couldn’t find any last year, I ended up using Devcon 30 min epoxy.
You used to be able to find it in 10 oz pots on E-bay but not at the

I used polyesther colours from Trylon because I had some, you can
also get them from Tiranti, and no doubt other fibreglass resin
suppliers. Tiranti also do an epoxy which sets up quite hard, from a
German company I just found it a bit runny. The polyesther colours or
pastes seem fine with epoxy.

I have just come across a company at the Birmingham trade show

I havent used it but I saw samples at the show which set up hard, I
didn’t think it was as cheap as Devcon,but they did thixotropic resin
which looks interesting. They said that if you have a heated box to
cure it overnight not to use wood, it apparently cures better away
from any moisture.

If you are doing a lot you can get liquid dispensers also on E-bay,
much cheaper than from the UK. I don’t do large quantities so I can’t
say how well they work. I apply it with a Microbrush I got from a
local modelshop, cheap and throwaway. (though you can wash them out
with the right solvent!)

regards Tim Blades.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your post about epoxy and Ciresins - I will check them
out, especially as I can get them from Tirantis.

I read on an old Orchid post that the company making Colorit was
about to stop - does anyone know if it’s still available anywhere?


Warm regards