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[UK Source] Bench shear guillotine


Does anyone know where can I find in the UK a great but not too
expensive bench shear guillotine that provides clean and precise
cuts? I’m looking for something to cut brass sheets up to 1.2mm
thick. Please any help is welcome!

Thanks a lot,

Hi Mellisa, A good UK source for a new bench shear is Warco, check
out this page on there website;

I have used one of their bench shears for the past twenty years and
it is still working strong, my model easily cuts a six inch length
from sheet metal up to 3mm. thick.

Peace and good health to all
James Miller FIPG

Hi Melissa,

HS Walsh have a guillotine:

Cousins have a few:

Ebay have a number of guillotines too, but most of them seem to be
well over UKP 100. However, I did notice some Clarke sheet metal
guillotines, so you could try your local branch of Machine Mart, who
sell Clarke tools - they might be your best bet for an affordable
tool. I think you can order from them online too, if you don’t have
a =

local branch.


For a small guillotine, bending rolls & box former, see…

For a small bench shear, see…

There are other companies, such as Chester and Chronos, that do
similar items.

Regards, Gary Wooding

Hi Melissa,

there is this from Axminster tools

don’t know if it would be quite man enough for your needs.

I have an old cast iron treadle one I found years ago in the back of
Exchange and Mart, very good but also VERY heavy

regards Tim Blades

Hi Gary,

Do you have any of those bench shears, or know someone that has? I
bought once one similar to the small one you send me the link from
Axminster, it was good but the problem was the holder that didn’t
hold the sheet strongly enough to keep it still wile cutting and I
had to return the machine. Do you think that the small one is able to
hold sheets larger than 30mm without damage or deform the metal?

Thanks a lot,

Hi Mel,

The bench shear I have is similar, but not identical, to the small
58 Warco one. Judging from the photo, the Warco one looks looks
rather better.

In my experience, all shears and guillotines will deform the metal
to some extent. Gold or silver from Cooksons that has been cut from a
larger sheet always shows signs of distortion. Sometimes it’s
slightly curved, and the edges are never totally square. It’s an
unavoidable consequence of the shearing action.

Having said that, I have used my little shear to cut strips several
feet long from a large sheet of 1mm aluminium. As long as I take
sufficient care to start the cut correctly, it’s remarkably accurate,
but I still have to tidy the edges up a bit.

Regards, Gary Wooding

I know you are in the U.K., but I have an old DI Arco shear and I
absolutely love it. This site has other wonderful power and hand
operated metalworking machines

Richard Hart G.G.
Denver, Co.

Hi Mel,

I have a 2ft treadle guillotine that I bought to cut 0.4mm titanium
sheet into 3mm strips many years ago. You have to hold the metal down
by hand, it does not have a clamping system, on a long strip it
pushes the metal back towards you about 1-1.5mm by the time it gets
to the end. I learnt to angle the sheet into it to compensate for
this. I would not be without it now, so much faster and more
economical than sawing. Every tool has its shortcomings (and I have

kind regards,
Tim Blades