UK Palladium assay regulations

Today the UK assay offices have now advised the new regulations for
palladium jewellery. Information can be found on the following link.
A new range of stamps have been agreed for the various purities and
in addition there is a mark which can voluntary be requested to be
applied, namely a pictorial facsimile of the head of Pallas Athene
goddess of war, wisdom and crafts after whom palladium was named.

Robin Key
Clavis Jewellery
Aberdeen, Scotland

Hi Robin!

Thank you very much for this post. Those of us who have worked and
tried to promote palladium have rap[t interest in this. Leave it to
The Assay Offices Of Great Britain to step up and make standards for
the “new” metal. I’m fascinated by the Pallas picture option. Also,
the 500 designation for half palladium blends. Now I’m curious as to
where these are popular. In the USA we (if I may speak for many
friends and a couple competitiors) have promoted 950 almost
exclusively. I genuinely hope the US would do the same for its

Daniel Ballard