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UK Orchids please help. galleries, workshops etc.,

Hi Felicity, Nice to know you are coming over to the UK. I will try
and list as many of the places to visit that I have on.
Obviously the Crafts Council is the first stop. If you don’t have the
address, this is it: 44a Pentonville Rd., London, N1 9BY. Telephone:
020 7806 2538. (all London numbers are now changed to 020). Here are
some tools suppliers: In London there is: Exchange Findings, 11-13
Hatton Wall, London EC1N 8HX. Phone: 020 7 831 7574. They have a large
range of Jewellers tools. They also supply findings, silver, gold,
chain etc, etc. The service is friendly and efficient. They also have
a extensive catalogue which is free. H.S. Walsh & Sons Ltd, 21 Cross
St, London EC1N 8UN. Phone 020 7 243 3711. They are a long established
supplier to the trade. They supply a large range of tools and
Equipment. They have a glossy catalogue that will cost you �5.00 which
is refundable on your first order. Have a look at The Independent
Craft Galleries Association. They have a lot of good craft shops
around the country that are well worth looking at: The Victoria & Albert Museum in London is
worth a look, it’s the gallery of applied art. Peter’s Barn Gallery in
South Amersham, Nr Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 0BX. Phone number:
01798 861 388. really is a gem, well worth a visit. The OXO Tower,
Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London SE1, is worth a visit, it has a
good selection of craft shops. Covent Garden Market is well worth
going to see the craft displays and the general atmosphere. The bead
shop at 12a Tower st, Covent Garden is a good place for stones. I hope
this is useful You will have to find out the tube maps,
locations from: It can provide you with
reasonable maps of UK cities. I have David Watkins book, I will look
you up. Hope this helps.


Dear Richard,

Many thanks for the info. That is just what I need. I want to start
off running, rather than waste time trying to find things out when I
arrive. I do appreciate the time that it takes to reply to requests
like mine. If you are coming to the openings at Lesley Craze, please
come over and introduce yourself. I am sorry but I dont know what time
the openings are yet. Only that they are on 1st and 6th July. Best

Felicity Peters in West Oz.