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UK Orchids please help..galleries, workshops etc.,

Dear Orchid UK members.

I have decided to come over to the UK for the opening of an
Australian jewellery/ metal objects exhibition, which I am
participating in, at Lesley Craze Gallery in London. To publicise the
exhibition for other UK members , there are 21 Australians
participating and the exhibition opens on July 6 to July 29th. I
arrive on 29th June, and depart approx…19th July. The weekend of
9/10th July , is tentatively booked for visiting a few galleries in

A list of galleries to visit, Crafts Council outlets, workshops etc in
London, Oxford, Brighton, Bath would be great.

A list of tool suppliers, unusual cut interesting metals,
any hidden treasures etc. would be most appreciated.

Could you please give full names, street and postcode addresses,
phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses etc where appropriate. I
would also like to know the name of the nearest Tube station for London
addresses. Then I can use that wonderful street map facility on the
internet, and print out a location map. My specialty is Keum Boo and
spiculums. I apply Keum Boo before forming, constructing the article,
so I am interested in giving , workshops on Keum Boo, spiculum
forming. I would be particularly interested in slide lectures to
students, colleges, jewellers etc. The Aussie dollar is really low
against the English pound, so transport/train costs and some
remuneration would be appreciated.

Unfortunately I haven’t got round to a web site yet, but I do have
two images in David Watkins new book… Design source book- Jewelry
published by New Holland Press and launched in Sept 99. I am happy to
fax career details etc. I am actively involved in jewellery in WA/
and have been National Chair of the Jewellers and Metalsmiths group of
Australia. I am happy to discuss/meet with any Jeweller/metalsmiths
who are interested in visiting Australia. I would be happy to receive
any details, suggestions etc, preferably off list to save Dr Hanuman
to @felicity_peters My fax number is 0015 61 08 9245 8044

Many many thanks to those who take time to reply

Felicity Peters in sunny West Oz even in winter!

Hi Felicity, I am gathering together for you. I will send
it on to you as soon as I have it all together.