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UK equipment suppliers

Now that I have to earn my living from lapidary and jewellery I
feel the need to enhance my tool collection somewhat - especially
on the metalwork side. In particular I want a small rolling mill
and a source for good box-jointed pliers like the Lindstrom I use
now. I have data for Blundells, Cooksons (Johnson Matthey as
was) and Hilton Bros.

Any pointers to UK sources would be appreciated. (It’s not that
I don’t want to buy from the US it’s just that air mail is so
expensive and surface slooow. In the sunny for a change English
Lake District.

Andy Parker
Home :- @andyp

Dear Andy, Not that I’m an expert on UK suppliers or anything,
but, whilst I was touring London on my last visit to the UK, I
ventured down Hatton Wall(or was it Hatton Garden?). I found
several suppliers who carried tools. F. Pike,at 15 Hatton Wall
(I think) was one as well as H.S. Walsh and Sons, 12-16
Clerkenwell Rd. Walsh also has its’ main warehouse and
distribution center in Kent. The address I have for them is243
Beckenham Rd. , Beckenham KentBR3 4TS, Tel. 081-778-7061, fx.
081-676-8669. They also have a Birmingham showroom at Warston
Mews, Tel. 021-236-9346, fx. 021-236-9355. I bought an Italian
Wire Mill (slightly used) from the London showroom for the
ridiculously low price of 60.00 quid! I carried this as my
carry-on baggage on the flight home.( You can imagine how
interested the security people were in this 70lb cardboard
box!). I Know that Walsh carries both the Durston line and the
Pioneer line(are they actually the same?) besides the Cavalinis
from Italy. Happy Hunting !! Eben Lenz

Dear andy,

The best source is Hoben International. Their web site is: I’ve attached a link you can click on.

	Michael Knight

Andy, These are the two best tool suppliers that I know. They
both stock Lindstom tools. Exchange Findings, 11-13 Hatton Wall,
London EC1N 8HX. Phone: 0171 20 831 7574. They have a large
range of Jewellers tools. They also supply findings, silver,
gold, chain etc, etc. The service is friendly and efficient. They
also have a extensive catalogue which is free. H.S. Walsh & Sons
Ltd, 21 Cross St, London EC1N 8UN. Phone 0171 243 3711. They are
a long established supplier to the trade. They supply a large
range of tools and Equipment. A glossy catalogue is available
which you have to buy for A35.00

Richard Whitehouse
Silversmith & Jeweller
Email: @Richard_Whitehouse1

    Now that I have to earn my living from lapidary and
jewellery I feel the need to enhance my tool collection
somewhat - especially on the metalwork side. 

Hi Andy. Good to meet someone else in the UK. Eben has already
given some leads to suppliers in London. The other great
jewellery centre is Birmingham, and I would strongly recommend
a personal visit. There are a number of suppliers congregated in
a fairly small area. Walshes are there, but they are one of the
few who deal by mail order. Vittoria Street is the place to aim
for, or ask for directions to The Jewellery Quarter. There’s a
museum devoted to the jewellery production trade that I’ve heard
good things about, though not seen myself. Allow at least half a
day to wander around the suppliers and compare prices.

The other hint I’ll toss in is to think very carefully about
what you really need, and whether it will be able to pay for
itself in increased productivity, which is important to you, as
you want to make a living at it. You may find, for example, that
you can do well enough without a rolling mill. Not a fun
suggestion I know, but it may help your cash flow. Good luck!


Kevin Eva, Northern England, UK
@Kevin_Eva (home)