Ugly necklace contest

Well, folks, the Ugly Necklace Contest in which I made the
semi-finals is now up on the net, and open for voting. If you want
to check it out, here is the site:

Have fun!

Noel they are so ugly they are really cool! Love them all! dedemetal

I want to thank those who posted comments about the Ugly Necklace
Contest. It’s funny how vanity still rules, even when it comes to
being the Ugliest! I’m quite disappointed with the photographs of
the necklaces-- I think some of them may be interesting
(particularly the blown-glass one), but I find that the gold lame
makes them hard to see, and all look the same.

I will say, though, that I’m proud of my silly but honest poem.

Anyway, thanks for looking! If you missed it, here’s the site again


The voting for the Ugly Necklace Contest is drawing to a close and
I’m still firmly entrenched in 6th place, so anybody who was
planning to vote, now’s the
time-- ;^).

But my real point here is to encourage some of you to think about
entering next year. It’s not for prestige, and it’s not for the
prize. I find myself really intruiged by the challenge. This year’s
necklace was constructed in about 45 minutes, at most, out of the
ugliest gaudy plastic crap I could find. The same seemed true of
most of the others. But I find myself trying to figure out how to
make a truly ugly piece that is possibly still art. What makes a
thing “ugly”? What makes it “art”? I intend these as rhetorical
questions, possibly to be answered by attempts to make a worthy ugly
necklace, not just a “cheap shot” such as the things on the site,
especially when viewed on gold lame’.

I think it is a worthwhile, useful undertaking, and I hope a few of
you will agree!