U.S. Postage stamps as marketing


In a recent SNAG publication there was a suggestion to design your
own postage stamps and use them as a marketing tool. The U. S. post
office folks are offering this as a way to increase their business.
Anyone tried this yet or know os anyone or any business that has ?

Just curious. MA

I haven’t done this as a business, but I’ve ordered three different
sets of stamps and been very happy with them. One was for my parent’s
50th wedding anniversary (which showed them in wedding get-up). The
others were favorite photos of my wife and daughter. They’re mounted
on the wall in frames. (You get a whole sheet of the stamps, not just
one, or at least that’s the way it worked when I did it last).

Hadn’t thought of applying it to jewelry marketing. Now that I have,
I think if I ever win an award, I’ll photograph the piece and add in
the award title and mount it on the wall in a frame.

I had some stamps. com photo stamps of my logo made up as part of the
USPS free program they offered in 2004- It was a great deal the
postage was free as were the 60 stamps! then I ordered another
couple of sheets as they were at a reduced rate - another plus.

As for bringing in more business- No. For getting your brand noticed
-Yes. So if branding your printed items and want cohesiveness they
are a good tool- particularly because they are at a reduced cost, and
you can then print the amount of postage you need on a package as
well as apply any extras such as insurance, return receipts, class,
speed of delivery, international rates, options, etc. But they only
go out to your customers per se. If you are doing a local mailing
scheme and want to increase local business, then, as part of a
promotional campaign they could be useful to introduce people in your
buying area (or your target market) to seeing your logo or whatever
it is you are considering putting on the stamp as long as it has to
do with your brand- i don’t think putting poochie’s picture with a
pair of antlers on it or holding a dreidel in its mouth would do
anything to increase your business or get your brand seen, or even in
launching a holiday campaign. If you are after consistency in your
printed and postal items then its useful in as much as it will save
you at least 20% or more over the costs of ordinary postal expenses.,
but not simply on their own for your regular correspondence to family
and friends- they, presumably, know you are in business for yourself.
without ordering custom stamps.!..rer

We have tried it as a marketing tool and found it to be very
effective for use when targeting a specific direct mail demographic.
For general use and “branding” we found it to just expensive postage.

Stephen Guyot